The Desert of the Real

As I mentioned in class today, the film The Matrix (1999) draws on Baudrillard’s theories. Above is a clip from the documentary Return to Source: Philosophy and The Matrix (2004), which explores several philosophical concepts that inspired The Matrix film trilogy. Watch the clip and discuss how it helps you further understand the concepts we … More The Desert of the Real

Post-Structuralism Explained with Hipster Beards!

Just in time for our unit on post-structuralism! BuzzFeed presents Part 1 and Part 2 of “Post-Structuralism Explained with Hipster Beards” by Chris Rodley. If you feel inclined, you are invited to comment on how these BuzzFeed posts help you understand post-structuralism. Please be specific, citing details from the post(s) and relating them to our … More Post-Structuralism Explained with Hipster Beards!

Extra Credit Response 2

It is not evident from the poster, but Professor Markley will be discussing Renaissance literature and science fiction in this lecture. If you are interested in ecocriticism, Renaissance literature, or science fiction (or all three!), you may want to attend.  Directions for Extra Credit Response: Attend the lecture, listen actively, and take notes. Afterwards, write a 1.5-2 page … More Extra Credit Response 2

Spanish Sonnets

  In class, we have studied Petrarchan and Shakespearean sonnets. But the sonnet tradition was not confined to Italy and Britain. If you are interested in learning about the sonnet tradition in Spain, here are two links to  websites you might find interesting: Historia de la Literatura Hispanica and La Web de Garcilaso. On the former site, you … More Spanish Sonnets

For Better for Verse

Great job scanning poetry today in class! Keep up the good work! As we discussed, when analyzing literature, attention to form is as important as attention to content; form and content work together to create meaning. And, for Marxist critics, as Tyson points out, “it is not merely the content of a literary work – … More For Better for Verse