Welcome to ENG/SPAN 100! This is our course website, where we will have the opportunity to expand our discussions beyond the confines of the classroom walls. From time to time I will post a question, an excerpt from a text, a video, a link to a website, etc. for you to engage with. The due date for comments will be noted in the post. Please be aware that late posts will not be evaluated.

As with in-class discussions, I am looking for thoughtful questions and comments here; they should demonstrate that you’ve put some thought and effort into them. In other words, they should be on par with the kinds of comments you would make in the classroom and other academic settings.

In addition, although some folks in the blogosphere may post comments in all lower-case letters or without punctuation, please treat your comments as you would an assignment you are turning in for credit and be sure to follow the conventions of academic writing.

Please sign your comments so that Tracey and I will know who wrote what; we may not be able to tell who you are from your WordPress username.

Tip: Type your comments in Word first, and then paste them into the “Leave a Reply” box.  Doing so will make it easier for you to revise and will prevent your hard work from going down the drain should your browser crash mid-sentence.

Comments will be evaluated using the following criteria:

4 Excellent: This comment shows evidence of exceptional effort, insight, and creativity.

3 Very Good: This comment was completed thoughtfully and carefully.

2 Successfully Completed: This comment was successfully completed.

1 Attempted: This comment was genuinely attempted but not successfully completed.

0 No Credit:  This comment was not genuinely attempted or was posted late.

Note: The score of 4 will be reserved for truly outstanding work and given out infrequently.