Extra Credit Response #4

Directions for Extra Credit Response: Attend the conference, listen actively, and take notes. Afterwards, write a 1.5-2 page double-spaced response. Don’t attempt to summarize the talk(s) in your response. Instead, discuss what you learned from it/them. For example, you might choose two or three of the most surprising, interesting, or thought-provoking things you learned and discuss those. … More Extra Credit Response #4

Is “he” really generic?

The prescriptive rule regarding singular generic he emerged in the eighteenth century, when grammarians decided that the indefinite pronouns (e.g., anyone, everyone, somebody, each) must always be singular. They subsequently had to decide between the feminine and masculine singular pronouns (she and he and their inflectional forms) for the generic, in order that pronouns and their antecedents would match in number. They … More Is “he” really generic?

“The Dead” on Film

Above is a clip from John Huston’s 1987 film adaptation of Joyce’s “The Dead”.  Compare Huston’s interpretation of the scene with our reading of the passage on page 48. Think especially about Joyce’s use of character focalization and free indirect discourse in the passage. How are Joyce’s literary techniques translated for the medium of film? … More “The Dead” on Film

Combining Perspectives: Poststructuralism and Feminist Criticism

Using what you’ve learned from our unit on Post-Structuralism and our unit on Feminist Criticism, discuss what is going on in these tweets (compiled by Grace Spelman for Buzzfeed). Think especially about Baudrillard’s discussion of the “simulacrum” and that crucial third stage in which the sign disguises the fact that there is no corresponding reality … More Combining Perspectives: Poststructuralism and Feminist Criticism

Mulvey on Morocco

You’ve read Laura Mulvey’s analysis of Sternberg’s Morocco (1930).  Now take a look at the film’s trailer.  Where do you see examples of Mulvey’s arguments about narrative cinema?  How might bell hooks respond to Mulvey’s arguments about the film?  What might hooks add to the critique?  What might a postcolonial feminist critic, like Gayatri Spivak, … More Mulvey on Morocco